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Why Detective Chad Prda?


Detective Chad Prda is the dedicated father of two boys, two girls and husband to Jami Prda. He strives to be an example and role model to his children, teaching them the importance of Honor, Integrity, Faith, and most of all to be honest and true to yourself. After attending the Desoto Fire academy and obtaining a Firefighter and EMT certification, Detective Prda soon found his calling in law Enforcement. Starting as a clerk in 2003, he quickly rose through the ranks of the Dallas sheriff’s Office to become a Deputy Sheriff. After going through the academy, where he graduated Valedictorian, he was assigned to the Warrant Execution section.

During his time in the Warrants section, Detective Prda joined S.W.A.T., becoming a Firearms Instructor. Detective Prda soon became an accomplished marksman (sniper) along with developing training protocols and building searching techniques used to this day. 

Detective Prda then promoted to the rank of Detective, again, choosing to remain on the front line and passing on the rank of Sergeant. Detective Prda has obtained several certifications as a Detective including Advanced Peace Officer, Advanced Interview and Interrogation, Advance Google Analytics as well as becoming an Expert in Cellular Forensics and Mapping, testifying in several criminal case as an expert witness. 

During his career, Detective Prda received several awards and commendations, including multiple Meritorious Conduct Awards, and being recognized by the then Sheriff Valdez and current Sheriff Brown.

Throughout his life Detective Prda has developed a strong sense of moral conviction, while maintaining the core values taught to him by his father. Detective Prda has stood against the Dallas County Commissioners and the previous Sheriff to obtain fair pay for the employees of Dallas County. Obtaining a victory in 2016 and 2018 he continues to stand up for the employees and citizens of Dallas County, guided by his faith and moral values.


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