Chad Prda for Dallas County Sheriff

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The Platform

Mission Statement

As a 15-year veteran of the department I have a unique perspective on what we need. I started as a clerk and over the years progressed through the ranks to detective, this has giving me something the other candidates don't have.  A unique perspective on what this department needs. I remember when we were the greatest Department in Texas, and I  have proudly served the citizens of this County and my Department's Darkest Hour.

It is time to restore to the Dallas Sheriff Department to its former glory, something only someone who has spent his entire career with in the department could do.

My Platform

  • End Sanctuary City 
  • Address Mental Illness In Our Community 
  • Increase diversity within our department 
  • Increase Training For Officers
  • Improve Community Relations 
  • Increase Department Transparency 
  • Raise Hiring Standards
  • Increase Departmental Morale
  • Increase Patrol Presence in our Communities 
  • Restore Pride in our Department


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Thank you Supporters!

Thank you to everyone for your support! I am humbled by all the support I've received. Considering this Journey only began 2 months ago and no one knew me, we had a decent showing the first time out. Thank you for the words of encouragement from everyone who called and came to the Watch Party. 

Remember!! #prda4sheriff2020

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We can't win this fight to take back Dallas county without your help. Canvassing, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways to help achieve our goals together.

 You are the most important part in winning this fight to bring the prestige back and to do what is right for the good people of Dallas County. 

In the News...

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